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      1.____ is the absence of an officer from duty for a period specified in PSR 100203
      A. Leave of absence
      B. Pre-retirement leave
      C. Study leave
      D. Annual leave
      Answer: D

      2. In Rule 100102 ____ is a place where an officer could be reached during his/her leave period
      A. Annual leave
      B. Sick leave
      C. Leave year
      D. Leave address Answer: D

      3. ___ shall be paid to staff not occupying government quarters in lump sumat the beginning of the year?
      A. Utilities allowance
      B. Rent subsidy
      C. Hazard allowance
      D. Acting allowance
      Answer: B

      4. PSR. 020209, all officers are ensures to sign ____ on security Form 1
      A. Appointment letter
      B. Letter of accommodation
      C. Oath of secrecy
      D. Internal memo
      Answer: C

      5. ____is the permanent release of an officer from one scheduled service to another or from one class to another within the same service? (P.S.R. 020501)
      A. Transfer
      B. Re-arrangement
      C. Business trip
      D. Holiday
      Answer: A

      6. According to P.S.R. 030301 ____ is defined as a specific at wrong-doing or improper behaviour which is inimical to the image of the service which can be investigated and proved, it can also lead to termination and retirement?
      A. Inefficiency
      B. Misconduct
      C. Offence
      D. Retirement
      Answer: B

      7. All are types of misconduct except
      A. Unruly behaviour
      B. Foul language
      C. Murder
      D. Negligence
      Answer: C

      8. ____ is predetermined amount added to the annual emolument of an officer every calendar year
      A. Annual salary
      B. Yearly emolument
      C. Increments
      D. Increments
      Answer: C

      9. Based on P.S.R. 060205 time holding confirmation examination shall be
      A. Held once in a year in the last quarter of every year
      B. Twice in a year 2nd and 3rd quarter of every year
      C. Once in a year in the first quarter of every year
      D. Twice in a year, 1st and 2nd quarter of every year.
      Answer: A

      10. The following are the prescribed examination for executive officers (P.S.R 060302)
      A. Public Service Rule and Financial Regulation B. Public Administration and Financial Regulation
      C. Financial Regulation and Civil Service Regulations
      D. Financial Regulations and Code of Conducts
      Answer: A

      11. The following persons except, when travelling by air, and land or sea at government expenses will be eligible for free insurance cover to concerned (P.S.R. 080203)
      A. Staff
      B. Domestic Worker
      C. Wife and Child
      D. Child and Staff Answer: C

      12. Base on P.S.R. 10024, all except one are types of study leave
      A. In-service training
      B. Studying leave with pay
      C. Studying leave without pay
      D. Studying leave for retirement
      Answer: D

      13. In P.S.R. 130121, the circumstances in which officers can work overtime are as follows except?
      A. Rain falls
      B. Snow covered the road
      C. Birthday ceremony’s days
      D. Holidays falls
      Answer: D

      14. In P.S.R. 13021, the circumstance in which officers can work overtime are as follows except?
      A. Officers attached to top management /officials
      B. On special assignment, eg. Conference, Committee
      C. Period of closing annual account
      D. Period during annual leave
      Answer: D

      15. In P.S.R. 160102, One of these is classified in to the categories of parastatals
      A. Security Agencies
      B. Medical Practitioners C. Ministry of justice
      D. Teaching and non teaching staffs
      Answer: A

      16. According to P.S.R. 160102, A ____ is a government owned organization established by statue to render specified service(s) of the public?
      A. Ministries
      B. Financial institutions
      C. Parastatals
      D. Delegated legislature Answer: C

      17. ____ is a body or organ which enjoys continuity of existence, essentially covers ministries and extra- ministerial offices.
      A. Organization of African Unity (OAU)
      B. World Health Organization (WHO)
      C. Civil Service
      D. Military
      Answer: C

      18. With the provision of P.S.R. 020106 seniority in any department shall be determined by the?
      A. Entry date/the assumption of duty certified by authority in appropriate register
      B. Date of re-instatement
      C. Date of re-engagement
      D. Date of promotion Answer: A

      19. In P.S.R 020202- Direct appointment to the Federal Public Service may be in the following categories except?
      A. As trainee or pupils
      B. On probation in a pensionable post
      C. On contract appointment
      D. Acting appointment Answer: C

      20. Under which provision of P.S.R. states that no fine shall be imposed on any officer as a punishment for an offence committed in the course of his/her duties
      A. 021210
      B. 030309
      C. 030314
      D. 020200
      Answer: B

      21. According to P.S.R. 030421- part 1, paragraph A., officer can act as the editor or take part directly or indirectly in the management of or in anyway make financial contribution to the following except?
      A. Department or staff magazine
      B. National Newspaper C. Professional journal D. Publication of voluntary organization
      Answer: B

      22. Under which provision of P.S.R. states that no officer shall undertake any private agency in any matter connected with the exercise of his/her duties
      A. 020100
      B. 010203
      C. 020101
      D. 030430
      Answer: B

      23. P.S.R. 030434 states; in other to improve public service management, and enhance accountability and transparency, no officer shall received
      A. Leave allowance
      B. Any bribe or engaged in corrupt practices
      C. Gratification
      D. Mobilization fees
      Answer: B

      24. According to P.S.R. 040203- the increment date of an officer appointed or promoted to post in the Federal Public Service shall be _____ following at least six months of service on promotion?
      A. Date of last promotion
      B. Date of entry into the service
      C. 31st December of the year
      D. 1st January of the year Answer: D

      25. In P.S.R. 050201- Progress report are to provide one of the following in respect of office on probation or initial contract ____ on which to judge his/her suitability for confirm.
      A.Conduct and Capabilities
      B. Date of retirement
      C. Administration of Oath of secrecy
      D. Declaration to the code of conduct bureau
      Answer: A

      26. Under which provision of P.S.R. States that public officer is not prohibited form holding shares of public and private companies operating in Nigeria or abroad?
      A. PSR 030423
      B. PSR 030425
      C. PSR 030424
      D. PSR 030422
      Answer: C

      27. What is the full meaning of A.P.E.R
      A. Annual Pay Emolument of Rent
      B. Annual Pay Emolument of Report
      C. Annual Performance of Examination Report
      D. Annual Performance evaluation Report Answer: D

      28. Which section according to P.S.R. States when an officer supposed to get an increment on salary?
      A. PSR 020407
      B. PSR 020408
      C. PSR 020409
      D. PSR 020410
      Answer: D

      29. Section 020501 of P.S.R. defines
      A. Promotion
      B. Transfer
      C. Dismissal
      D. Leave
      Answer: D

      30. What sort of promotion is given to an officer who has completed the probation period specified in P. S.R. 020301
      A. Senior promotion
      B. Normal promotion
      C. Notional promotion D. Abnormal promotion Answer: C

      31. Which rule of P.S.R. defined termination
      A. 020801
      B. 020802
      C. 020803
      D. 020804
      Answer: C

      32. According to P.S.R. 020810- compulsory retirement age of all grades in the services are:
      A. 60 years or 35 years of pensionable services
      B. 35 years or 60 years of pensionable services
      C. 15 years of pensionable services
      D. 60 years or 10 years of pensionable services
      Answer: A

      33. According to P.S.R. 020903, the main purpose of certificate of service is that it may be used as
      A. Reference when seeking other employment
      B. Record keeping
      C. For retirement purpose D. For insurance entitlement
      Answer: A

      34. Which form can be used for certificate of service for level 07 and above according to P.S. R. 020904
      A. Gen 60
      B. Gen 58
      C. Gen 62
      D. Gen 50
      Answer: B

      35. When travelling on duty away from duty post, the person engaged shall be entitle to
      A. Pension allowance
      B. Duty tour allowance
      C. Travelling allowance D. Welfare allowance
      Answer: C

      36. Which P.S.R. define general efficiency
      A. 030101
      B. 030102
      C. 030201
      D. 030202
      Answer: C

      37. No female public service shall be entitle to resign her appointment or retire by reason of pregnancy alone, under which section of P.S.R. this can be found
      A. P.S.R 030205
      B. P.S.R 030204
      C. P.S.R 030203
      D. P.S.R 030202
      Answer: B

      38. Below are the scandals conduct that constitute misconduct P.S.R 030301 except
      A. Drunkenness
      B. Malingering
      C. Sick
      D. Dishonesty
      Answer: C

      39. P.S.R. 030401 defines ____ as a specific act of very serious wrong-doing and improper behaviour which inimical to the image of the service and which can be investigated and if proven may lead to dismissal
      A. Misconduct
      B. Gross misconduct
      C. Serious misconduct D. Minor misconduct Answer: C

      40. Which P.S.R. mentioned an act of serious misconduct
      A. 030401
      B. 030404
      C. 030402
      D. 030403
      Answer: B

      41. According to P.S.R. 030412, which punishment should be award to any officer who absence from duty without leave
      A. Reduction in rank
      B. Dismissal
      C. Deserter
      D. Major entry
      Answer: B

      42. Any officer who want to seek elective public office shall resign his/her appointment forthwith, under which P.S.R…?
      A. 030424
      B. 030422
      C. 030423
      D. 030425
      Answer: D

      43. A public officer cannot be directors in private companies, he/she can hold shares or be a director in under which P.S.R.
      A. 030421
      B. 030422
      C. 030423
      D. 030424
      Answer: D

      44. Which P.S.R. emphasis on prohibition of bribery and corruption A. 030434
      B. 030435
      C. 030431
      D. 030433
      Answer: B

      45. When is officer supposed to expect increment payment after promotion P.S.R. 040203
      A. After a year
      B. 1st January of the year C. Before the runs out
      D. Immediately after promotion
      Answer: B

      46. Increment is a predetermined amount added to the annual emolument of an officer every calendar year which P.S.R. code?
      A. 040204
      B. 040203
      C. 040202
      D. 040201
      Answer: D

      47. Failure to pass confirmation examination after three consecutive attempts is liable to ____ P.S.R. 060203
      A. Dismissal
      B. Retired
      C. Resign
      D. Reduction in rank
      Answer: C

      48. All the below are under P.S.R. 070101 except
      A. Health care provider
      B. Hospital
      C. Medical officer
      D. Drugs
      Answer: D

      49. Below are medical documents to be treated as confidential in P.S.R. 070103 except
      A. Medical certificate
      B. Dental treatment records
      C. Drug prescription
      D. Reports of medical boards
      Answer: C

      50. Which section of P.S.R. describes NHIS
      A. 070202
      B. 070203
      C. 070201
      D. 070204
      Answer: C

      51. Below are the documents to provide when any officer have been prolonged absence from duty on the ground of illness except:
      A. Excuse duty certificate B. Medical bills
      C. Light duty certificate
      D. Medical certificate
      Answer: B

      52. The maximum aggregate sick leave which can be allowed an officer who is not hospitalized during any period of twelve months as contain in P.S.R. 070316 is
      A. 21 calendar days
      B. 42 calendar days
      C. 60 calendar days
      D. 14 calendar days
      Answer: B

      53. Which section of P.S.R. discuss the death while in service?
      A. 080101
      B. 080201
      C. 080202
      D. 080203
      Answer: B

      54. ___ is a formal appeal to estimate authority, that is, to the head of government for special consideration of matter affecting an officer personally. It must be distinguished from a letter of representation addressed to an appropriate senior officer of government in the normal way
      A. Charge sheet
      B. Report
      C. Petition
      D. Amendment of law
      Answer: C

      55. An officer’s increment is deferred when the decision as to whether or not if it shall be granted is postponed for a specific period called
      A. Deferred increment B. Public property
      C. Pay well job
      D. Sabotage
      Answer: A

      56. An officer’s increment withheld when it is decided not to grant it and that held shall cease to be eligible thereof until next increment date is called
      A. Deferred increment
      B. Withheld increment C. Penalty imposes
      D. Accounting
      Answer: B

      57. A staff that ranks as such for the purpose of pension in accordance with the pension reform Act 2004 is called
      A. Officer
      B. Staff
      C. Expatriate officer
      D. Account
      Answer: C

      58. The ground for withholding or deferring increment can be found in P.S.R code?
      A. 040204
      B. 040420
      C. 020404
      D. 022004
      Answer: C

      59. The series of omission or incompetence the cumulative effect of which shows that the officer is not capable of discharging efficiently can be found under which P.S.R. code?
      A. 020301
      B. 010203
      C. 030201
      D. 020301
      Answer: C

      60. Before proceeding for the removal of an officer for general inefficiency maybe commenced he/she must have been three occasion committed under?
      A. P.S.R. 030203
      B. P.S.R. 010202
      C. P.S.R. 030302
      D. P.S.R. 020303
      Answer: A

      61. This is to enable officers pay lodging and feeding expenses during official tours approved by the official authority is called
      A. Duty tour allowance
      B. Tour allowance duty
      C. Allowance duty tour
      D. Allowance duty expenses
      Answer: A

      62. Twelve weeks maternity leave of a woman staff pregnant entitle to 16 weeks maternity leave and not less than weeks from expected date of delivery with full salary P.S.R. code?
      A. P.S.R. 200216
      B. P.S.R. 200316
      C. P.S.R. 100218
      D. P.S.R. 300216
      Answer: C

      63. The aggregate sick leave which can be allowed an officer who is not hospitalized during any period of twelve month shall be given forty-two calendar days which of the P.S.R. code?A. 062231
      B. 100218
      C. 200218
      D. 100318
      Answer: B

      64. This is the additional time spent outside the approved time of work called
      A. Under time allowance B. Under time gift
      C. Over time allowance
      D. Over time gift
      Answer: C

      65. The hotel accommodation allowance for officer newly appointed shall be eligible for hotel accommodation for 28 days in lieu of hotel accommodation in which P.S.R. code?
      A. 501301
      B. 105130
      C. 130105
      D. 135010
      Answer: A

      66. Officer permitted to attend a course of instruction will refund to government all expenses connected therewith, under which P.S.R. code?A. 120301
      B. 301120
      C. 120031
      D. 201301
      Answer: A

      67. The officer required to give three (3) months notice to retire from service before the effective date if retirement is known as
      A. Casual leave
      B. Sick leave
      C. Terminal leave
      D. Sport leave
      Answer: C

      68. The absence of an officer on grade level 15 or equivalent and above from duty for the purpose of research either within or outside Nigeria is called
      A. Sick leave
      B. Relieved leave
      C. Sabbatical leave
      D. Study leave
      Answer: C

      69. Study leave is the leave granted to a confirmed serving officer to undertake an approved course of study within or outside the country under which P.S.R. code?
      A. 228100
      B. 232100
      C. 100223
      D. 310022
      Answer: B

      70. The condition under approval of study without pay can be found under which P.S.R. code
      A. 228100
      B. 100228
      C. 202288
      D. 101022
      Answer: B

      71. Study leave with pay shall be granted to an officer with normal emolument and allowance shall not exceed two year under which P.S.R. code?
      A. 100226
      B. 226100
      C. 100622
      D. 610021
      Answer: A

      72. The authorized absence of an officer from duty specific period is known as
      A. Tax
      B. Transfer
      C. Leave
      D. Relocate
      Answer: C

      73. Below are the definition of transfer except (P.S.R. 130133)
      A. Transfer from station to another during a tour of service
      B. Transfer from one station to another on return from leave
      C. Transfer or secondment from the services of another government in the federation
      D. Removed from one section to another Answer: D

      74. A place where an officer could be reached during his/her leave period is called
      A. Market address
      B. House address
      C. Leave address
      D. Hospital address
      Answer: C

      75. Any leave due to an officer in a year for the service rendered to government is called
      A. Earned leave
      B. Account leave
      C. Tax leave
      D. Revenue leave
      Answer: A

      76. The resumption expired date of duty can be found under which P.S.R. code?
      A. 105100
      B. 100105
      C. 501100
      D. 500100
      Answer: B

      77. The authorized absence of the an officer from duty for specific period under which P.S.R. code?
      A. 101100
      B. 100101
      C. 002311
      D. 100201
      Answer: B

      78. Below are circumstance in which officers can work overtime P.R.S 130121 except
      A. On special assignment
      B. Period of budgetary preparation
      C. Period of closing of annual account
      D. When your relieve is not around.
      Answer: B

      79. Form Gen. 60 is a staff record form according to which P.S.R code?
      A. 020208
      B. 200208
      C. 208200
      D. 802001
      Answer: A

      80. The ways of communication in civil service is
      A. By handing over note
      B. Movement
      C. Sender
      D. Non of the above
      Answer: A

      81. The summary of important subject matters attention is called
      A. Account
      B. Briefs
      C. Data
      D. Subject
      Answer: B

      82. A statement of facts which can be issued to send ideas, findings and recommendation after investigations of a specific assignment called
      A. Briefs
      B. Report
      C. Circular
      D. Letter
      Answer: B

      83. The two critical areas used in APPEAR forms is called
      A. Excellent and good
      B. Excellent and fair
      C. Excellent and bad
      D. Good and bad
      Answer: A

      84. A set of write up that serves as an instrument notes for an officer to comply with them performing his/her official duty is called?
      A. Notes for guidance
      B. Treasure
      C. Contract
      D. Register
      Answer: A

      85. An officer who has passed the compulsory examination for confirmation in the service shall be eligible for promotion under which P.S.R. code?
      A. 020707
      B. 203001
      C. 34101
      D. 010700
      Answer: A

      86. All officers appointed to the foreign service in whatever branch or grade are eligible for service abroad is stated under which P.R.S. code?
      A. 020707
      B. 203001
      C. 340101
      D. 020700
      Answer: A

      87. Identity of petition includes the following except
      A. Full name
      B. Staff number
      C. Signature and address
      D. Pay slip
      Answer: D

      88. Petition can be disqualified, if it contain the below quality according to rule 090208 except
      A. Is illegal or meaningless
      B. Does not comply with rule 090201
      C. Must be abusive
      D. Deals with a case in which legal action is pending in a court of law Answer: C

      89. The absence of an officer from duty for period specified in rule 100203 as may authorized by a superior officer according to rule 100202 is called
      A. Sick leave
      B. Maternity leave
      C. Annual leave
      D. Casual leave
      Answer: C

      90. When will an officer qualified to take another annual leave after the previous one as contain in the PSR 100203
      A. Six months
      B. A year
      C. Three months
      D. None months
      Answer: D

      91. _______ is a vacation granted to a new or retiring officer in proportion to the number of days he/she has put into the services PSR 100211
      A. Annual leave
      B. Study leave with pay
      C. Pre-retirement leave
      D. Proportionate leave Answer: D

      92. ____ is the absence of an officer from duty for a short period not exceeding an aggregate of seven (7) Calendar days within a leave year as may be authorized b y a superior officer PSR 100214
      A. Deferred leave
      B. Casual leave
      C. Maternity leave
      D. Sabbatical leave Answer: C

      93. Types of study leaves as contain in PSR 100224 are as follows except
      A. In-service training
      B. Study leave with pay
      C. Out-service training
      D. Study leave without pay
      Answer: D

      94. Below are occasion when officer shall be eligible for appropriate estacode allowance at the prevailing rates PSR 120101
      A. To undertake special duty abroad
      B. To discharge official duties during vacation leave abroad
      C. To undertake annual leave abroad
      D. To undertake course of instruction abroad Answer: C

      95. Who give approval to the overseas duty tour by public servants and extacode allowance PSR 120102
      A. Accountant General of the Federation
      B. Auditor general of the Federation
      C. Head of the civil service
      D. Head of the chief of Army/Police
      Answer: D

      96. ____ is a monetary benefits other than salary granted to an officer for a special purpose PSR 130101
      A. Allowance
      B. Promotion areas
      C. Duty tour allowance
      D. Welfare allowance Answer: A

      97. ____ is granted enable pay lodging and feeding expenses during official tours duly approved by the official authority PSR 130106
      A. Estacode allowance
      B. Duty tour allowance
      C. Kilometer allowance D. Hotel allowance Answer: B

      98. ____ is a course which an officer takes locally in Nigeria but outside his/her station PSR 130113
      A. Orientation course
      B. Human right course
      C. Local course
      D. Promotion course Answer: C

      99. Forms of award in PSR 150104 includes the following except
      A. Certificate
      B. Medals
      C. Shaking hands
      D. Cash/gift
      Answer: C

      100. _____ is a government –owned organized establish by statute to render specified services (s) to the public PSR 160101
      A. Parastata
      B. Allowance
      C. Service
      D. Award
      Ans awer: A
      Full list of Commissioners and Special Advisers together with their portfolio
      Mr Afolabi Ayantayo – Commissioner for Establishment Training and Pensions

      Mr. Jamiu Alli-Balogun – Commissioner for Basic Education

      Mr Gbenga Oyerinde – Commissioner, Special Duties

      Mr. Lawal Pedro (SAN) – Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice

      Mr. Mobolaji Ogunlende – Commissioner for Youth and Social Development

      Hon. Ibrahim Layode – Commissioner for Home Affairs and Culture

      Mrs. Toke Benson-Awoyinka – Commissioner for Tourism

      Olakunle Rotimi-Akodu – Special Adviser, Environment

      Mr. Abdulkabir Ogungbo – Special Adviser, Taxation and Revenue

      Engr. Abiola Olowu – Special Adviser, Commerce and Investment.

      Dr. Adekunle Olayinka – Special Adviser, Works (to report to the Deputy Governor)

      Mrs. Bolaji Cecilia Dada – Commissioner for Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation

      Mr. Idris Aregbe – Special Adviser, Tourism Arts and Culture

      Mr. Yakubu Adebayo Alebiosu – Commissioner Waterfront Infrastructure

      Mr. Tokunbo Wahab – Commisioner for Environment

      Hon. Bola Olumegbon – Special Adviser, Central Business District (CBD)

      Dr. Oreoluwa Finnih-Awokoya – Special Adviser Health

      Mr. Kayode Bolaji-Roberts – Local Government Affairs

      Mr. Moruf Akinderu Fatai – Commissioner for Housing

      Mr. Seun Osiyemi – Commissioner for Transportation

      Ms. Barakat Bakare – Special Adviser, Housing

      Prof. Akin Abayomi – Commissioner for Health

      Mr. Gbenga Omotoso – Commissioner for Information and Strategy

      Dr. Rotimi Fashola – Special Adviser Agriculture

      Mr. Mosopefolu George – Commissioner for Economic Planning and Budget

      Mr. Tunbosun Alake – Commissioner for Science and Technology

      Ms. Ruth Abisola Olusanya – Commissioner for Agriculture

      Mrs. Kaosarat Folashade Ambrose – Commisioner for Industries, Trade and Investment

      Dr. Olumide Oluyinka – Commissioner for Physical Planning

      Mr. Yomi Oluyomi – Commissioner for Finance

      Dr. Jide Babatunde – Special Adviser E-GIS

      Dr Afolabi Abiodun Tajudeen – Special Adviser, Political, Legislative and Civic Engagement

      Hon. Sola Shakirudeen Giwa – Special Adviser Transportation

      Dr Mrs Iyabo Oyeyemi Ayoola – Special Adviser, Central Internal Audit

      Mr Ajigbotafe Akinyemi – Commissioner, Wealth creation

      Mr Nurudeen Lanre Yekini-Agbaje – Special Adviser, Rural Development and Chieftaincy Affairs

      Mr Tolani Sule Akibu – Commissioner for Tertiary Education

      Senatorial Districts:

      Lagos West – Dr. Idiat Adebule (Former Deputy Governor in Lagos State)

      Lagos East – Hon. Tokunbo Abiru.

      Lagos Central – Hon. Wasiu Eshinlokun Sanni

      7 recent projects in Lagos State::

      – Lekki sea ports
      – Blue line rail ( Marina to Badagry Express way)
      – Red line rail ( Oyingbo to Agbado)
      – Lagos New Airport Terminal
      – imota rice mill
      – 4th Mainland Bridge ( second longest bridge in Africa)
      – Dangote refinery in lekki ( crude oil)

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