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      One thing about life is that we all don’t look like our problems, that is why they say don’t judge people according to how they look because you will be deceived. When you see people walking in the streets you might think they have it all figured out not knowing that they are going through a lot behind closed door. More especially on tick tick, when you see people looking all happy some are just there trying to find comfort from their real life and most of them are struggling from financial stress.

      Speaking of finances, there was a young teacher who left people so heartbroken after he committed suicide because of financial stress. On the notes that he wrote, he said he was struggling with debts. Surprisingly, he killed himself on pay day as we all know that public school teachers get paid on the 22nd of every month. This teacher was famous for his funny video that used to make people laugh their lungs out on tick tok. Little did they know that the person who was making them laugh was dying from the inside.


      Before he committed suicide, he posted on WhatsApp that no one will ever understand, and even if they do, no one will help. We might disagree on this, but it is the sad reality of life: people can never understand someone’s problem until they walk through the same path. Even if they understand, they can never help you they will just make you a laughing stock and even tell others about your problems.


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