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      Chinonye David

      in 2021 the James webb telescope was launched … a telescope that cost about 10 billion dollars to construct. And in July 2022.. it became operational. It’s been less than a year now and some of its discoveries in the universe have begun to make scientists scratch their heads.


      All of a sudden, scientists may have to rewrite all the science textbooks about the beginning of the universe.

      Now here is the gist, it takes many billions of years for a galaxy like our own Milky Way galaxy with over 100billion stars and many billions of years to form,


      But, the James Webb Telescope has discovered six galaxies (pictures below) that existed just half a billion years (500 million years) after the Big Bang, and what’s the most puzzling is that they are up to 10 times bigger than our galaxy the Milky Way.


      Now, this should not be possible at all.. there should not be any primordial galaxies that are bigger than the Milky Way and are only 500 million years old. Something is seriously wrong… and scientists are saying they might have to rewrite their theory of the beginning of the universe.


      The more we discover about the universe, the more we realise how little we know and the James Webb telescope is doing the exact job it was created for .. to challenge our knowledge and ideas about the universe.


      What this discovery has shown us is that it’s either galaxies can form much much much faster than they thought OR the Big Bang was not the beginning of the universe as we know it.


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