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      Ayinla Ajeigbe

      1. First, ask God for Grace, strength, protection and guidance as we resume.

      2. Develop a positive mindset and be ready to handle the day-to-day challenges.

      3. Go for medical examination, if need be, treat malaria and typhoid fever before resumption. First week of resumption is not too late.

      4. It is necessary to acquire a daily dosage of anti-stress multivitamins food supplemental drugs at least for 30days.

      5. Check your blood pressure regularly and act accordingly.

      6. Don’t skip breakfast, eat as a king or queen.

      7. Boost your immune system by eating fruits and vegetables daily or every two days.

      8. Be friendly with all, forgive all, make peace always, avoid disputes and hatred

      9. During break, walk out of your staffroom, relax your muscles, receive the fresh air and appreciate nature.

      10. Delegate responsibilities. Don’t be Jack.

      11. Create time for rest or sleep after work.

      12. Avoid excessive in-take of alcoholic beverages.

      13. Be supportive, walk up to your colleagues and students, find out how they are holding up.

      14. Surrender all your burdens to the Almighty. He knows all that you need and He will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory.

      Remember, that the teaching profession is not just an ordinary profession, a teacher is a role model and destiny builder, do your work diligently for only God can truly reward us. God bless you all.


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